Best Car Financing in Australia

By: Daniel Madfferi

Your Search for the Best Car Finance in Australia Ends Here

Drive Your Dream Car Home in Just One Day!

We at FundIt have partnered with more than 20 of Australia’s top lenders to give you fantastic Car Finance options. Whether you’re looking to drive in style on the latest model or searching for a used vehicle for your teenager, we can help you find the financing that’s perfect for you.

Talk to one of our Car Loan Experts and tell us what you need. File an application, get approval, and drive your new car home – all in one day. With our financing savvy and superb relationships with our lender partners, we guarantee a fast, hassle-free process and flexible terms to match your preferences.

We Offer a Wide Array of Car Loan Options

  • Secured Loans

Do you have poor credit? Not enough cash for a deposit? Self-employed with no proof of income? We have the solution! With our secured loan options, you can drive home a new car with the vehicle as security. Less risk to our lenders means highly affordable terms for you.

  • Unsecured Loans

Do you have great credit? Want more flexibility in your car loan terms? Unsecured personal loans could be perfect for you. We can help you find the very best loan that ticks off all your requirements.

  • Not-So-New Car Finance

Financing terms for a new car are often more competitive. But what if you love a car that’s 15-20 years older? Not to worry, we can help you get a new car loan for it. Want to buy that super old car for a new driver? Our used car loans will give you the best value for your money.



Don’t let financing woes get between you and the car you want! Call our Fundit Finance team at 1300 386 318 for a free consultation today.




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